Dr. Ichiro Wada

College of Education,
Yokohama National University

79-2 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501, Japan


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Current Research Topics and Interests

How can we create a science class that promotes children's scientific thinking and expression? For example, when we ask children to observe salt dissolving in water in a "hazy" condition and visualize the microscopic world that occurs there, they express themselves in a great many different ways. Children are trying to grasp unknown phenomena in their own way by utilizing their previous experiences and the knowledge they have learned. The role of the science teacher is to further develop such active learning. In this laboratory, we are studying science class designs that promote children's thinking and expression.
Current topics of research include
1. science class design that encourages children's construction of scientific concepts based on representational functions
2. Clarification of the actual state of children's scientific concepts construction through collaborative learning
3. Research on the formation process of self-regulated learning in science education
4. Examination of the use of information technology devices (electronic blackboards, tablet terminals, etc.) in science education